Our experienced engineers will conduct a complete survey of your home. The survey is priced at $198. Cash, check, or credit card accepted.

What's involved in a EMF home survey?

Magnetic field (flux density) in mG is measured in each room in the home. The room is scanned for the highest level within the living space in the room and that is recorded. Any particularly high levels along walls are also noted in the notes portion of the data sheet. Particular attention is paid to the field levels around beds in the home. If the family is not typically at home during the day, then we recommend an evening appointment (no extra charge) to better establish the approximate long term EMF exposure.

The magnetic field levels from any appliances requested by the family can be accommodated at no extra charge.

The cell phone EMFs are also measured and recorded in each room. The room is first scanned for the highest level within the living space and that is recorded.

The survey takes approximately one hour. At the conclusion a completed data sheet is provided along with a summary of EMF information to aid in interpreting the results.

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