Find out the electric and magnetic radiation levels in your home. This is especially important if you live near power lines or cell towers.


Know your home's 60 Hz EMF levels to assure yourself that it's well below the levels associated with increased childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.


A test for EMF in the Seattle Washington or Puget Sound area can be conducted by one of our engineers. Pricing starts at $198.

Puget Sound EMF testing services will conduct expert and thorough testing of your home, which includes the following:

1. Full ELF (60Hz) electric and magnetic radiation surveys of private residencies.

2. Written report detailing maximum radiation levels from power lines, home appliances, and house wiring in room by room survey and the outside perimeter of the home.

3. Measurements of radiation levels from cell phone towers.

4. Test of microwave radiation leakage from microwave ovens.

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